The Grob Motorglider
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The Grob Motorglider

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Unobstructed View

In the Grob Motorglider two people sit comfortably side-by-side in the front of the cockpit (the pilot and one passenger). This is different from some other two-seater gliders where you have to sit behind the pilot who obstructs your view. With our motorglider you will get what you pay for. The excellent visibility from the front seats allows for a clear view of the glorious scenery around you as you glide quietly through the sky. Opportunities for aerial photographs abound.

You don't have to be concerned about being too big or too small. We can fit from a child to a 6'5" adult. A child or small person may not be able to have a full view out the front but the side window is low enough to provide an unobstructed view.


1983 Altitude Record

In 1983, a Grob G109A set the world motorglider altitude and altitude gained records by flying to 21,018 feet (6,406 m) and gaining 16,544 feet (5,042 m).


Heavenly Quiet

The Grob Motorglider has an engine which is used for take off and landing. In the air, it is shut off for gliding. This allows you to enjoy the glorious scenery without the noise of an engine.

The engine may be restarted during the flight to regain altitude and allow for a longer time in the air. But for the most part, the engine will be off. The engine makes this glider superior to other gliders where you are limited by the amount of lift you have. When you run out of lift, you are forced to land. Not on our rides! You are guaranteed to get the full time you have paid for.


Description and specifications of the Grob Motorglider
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Grob Aircraft

Grob Aircraft, of Tussenhausen-Mattsies Germany, began manufacturing composite aircraft in 1971. Today they are one of the largest and most experienced producers of composite aircraft in the world. Their experience with fiberglass technology and modern aerodynamics allowed them to develop the Grob Motorglider.


The Engine

This glider's fuel efficient engine was especially developed for it. The performance of this engine allows for a smooth and safe take off. Then when the engine is turned off, the excellent aerodynamics of the glider will give you a sporty ride as you soar among the clouds.

For those of you who are interested in the specifications, here they are.



The GROB G109A has two side-by-side seats (one for the pilot, one for the passenger), fixed landing gear, airbrakes and a T-type stabilizer. It was the first motor glider built with composite construction to receive approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

It has a 2,000 cc, 80 horsepower flat four engine with a wingspan of 54.5 feet. It has a published glide ratio of 30:1, meaning for every foot of altitude, the glider can travel 30 feet through the air. More simply, the Grob 109 loses less than 200 feet of altitude for every mile it flies. What a machine.


Wing Span   54.5 ft (16.6 m)
Wing Area   219.6 sq ft (20.4 sq m)
Aspect Ratio   13.5:1
Airfoil   Eppler E 603
Payload   540 lbs
Gross Weight   1,820 lbs (850 kgs)
Wing Loading   8.28 lb/sq ft (40.4 kg/sq m)
Engine   Limbach 2000 4 cylinder 80 hp
L/D Max   30:1 at 62 kts
Min Sink   1.15 m/s 226 fpm 2.23 kts
Vne   130 kts
Manufacturer   Burkhart Grob Gmbh
Number Built   159


  3 Position (Climb/Cruise/Feather) Hoffman HO-V 62 R/L 160 BT


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